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Pedersen Exam Booklet for Chem 3A Suggested Problems – Part 5 A few details to note about the assigned problems: Separate subjects are listed under different headings in italics . Under the headings, you will find the notation X(Y). X refers to the page number at the bottom middle of the page in the booklet, while the Y refers to the problem on that page. If there is just a single page number listed, then attempt all problems on that page.
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Unformatted text preview: Ether Chemistry, Synthesis and Mechanisms 26(a: i,ii), 27(b,c), 29(c), 30(b), 32(a), 65(i,iv), 66(c), 67(a), 69, 80(c), 105(c), 109(b), 110(a), 118, 119, 147(b, d), 152, 154, 160(p), 178(b), 183, 185(a: iv), 189(a,b), 191(b), 209(b: i,iv,v), 210(c), 238(d), 242(b), 249(n), 272(a), 274(f), 275(h), 298(a), 302(q), 336(c,d), 338(b), 339(b)....
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