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Pedersen Exam Booklet for Chem 3A Suggested Problems – Part 6 A few details to note about the assigned problems: Separate subjects are listed under different headings in italics . Under the headings, you will find the notation X(Y). X refers to the page number at the bottom middle of the page in the booklet, while the Y refers to the problem on that page. If there is just a single page number listed, then attempt all problems on that page. Alkene Chemistry 26(a: iv,v), 28(a,b), 29(a), 31(a,b), 33(a,b), 38(b), 40(g), 65(ii,iii), 66(d), 67(b,c,d), 68(a,b), 70(b), 71(a), 72(c), 73(d,e), 78(g), 81(e), 82(h), 105(b: ii), 106(c,d,e), 107(a,d), 108(a), 111(a),
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Unformatted text preview: 112, 144(b; c: iii), 145(d), 146(c,d), 147(a), 148(a), 150, 153(b), 158(g), 159(m), 160(q), 162(d), 185(b; c: i), 186(a,b,d), 187(a,d,c,d), 188(b), 190(a), 192, 209(b: iii), 211(b,c,d), 214, 215(a), 216 (a-b; d), 218(a,c,), 219(c), 237(b: i,iii), 238(c), 239(a), 241(a,b), 242(a), 243(c), 244(b), 246(n), 248(e), 267(b: i,ii), 268(a-d), 269(a,c), 270(b), 271(a), 272(b), 273(d, e: i,ii), 277, 294(b: i), 296(a-d), 297(a), 299(a,b), 303(a-c), 304(c: ii), 305(b: i, c) 322(b: ii), 323(a,c,d), 324(c), 325(a,b), 326(b), 327(a), 328, 329, 330(a), 333(a), 335(b: i,ii), 337(a-d), 338(a), 340(a,b), 342(e: ii, f)....
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