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Pedersen+Suggested+Problems+-+Part+I - Alkane Nomenclature...

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Pedersen Exam Booklet for Chem 3A Suggested Problems – Part I A few details to note about the assigned problems: Separate subjects are listed under different headings in italics . Under the headings, you will find the notation X(Y). X refers to the page number at the bottom middle of the page in the booklet, while the Y refers to the problem on that page. If there is just a single page number listed, then attempt all problems on that page. Electronic Configuration, Lewis Structures, Hybridization 6(2a), 7, 43, 44(b,c), 75(a,h,i), 86(a), 87, 125(c), 155(d,f), 166(b), 195(d,e), 220(a,d,e), 227(a,b), 245(c,d,e), 246(j), 251(a), 276(n,q), 301(e), 310(d: i,ii), 343(g), 344(n,o). Predicting Products, Resonance, Arrow-Pushing 5(c), 6(d,2b), 14(e,f), 44(a), 45, 46, 75(g), 76(l), 88, 89, 92(c), 93(d), 115(e), 116(j), 124(e), 126, 127, 128, 156(k,m,n), 166(a), 167, 168, 195(f), 198, 199(d), 218(b), 221(n), 224, 225, 227(c), 228(g), 248(g,h), 252, 257(a), 258, 282, 285(c), 301(d), 308, 309, 310(e), 311.
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Unformatted text preview: Alkane Nomenclature 5(b: i), 13(c), 42(b: i), 84(b: i,ii), 92(b), 123(b: i,iii), 124(d), 164(b: i,iv), 193(b: iii; c), 195(b), 222(b: ii,iii), 250(b: iii; c), 275(i), 280(b: i,ii; c), 301(f), 306(b). Conformations and Newman Projections 9, 10, 47(a, b: i), 48(d), 75(e,f), 90(a: i, b: ii), 116(k), 129(a: i,ii; b), 130, 155(h), 169(a,c,d,e,f), 196, 199(e), 220(f,g), 227(d), 228(e,f), 248(d), 255, 256, 285(a,b), 286, 312(a,c,d,e), 313(a,b). Radical Chemistry 11, 15(g), 55(iii), 97(b), 98(b), 135(1c: last box), 137(a), 138(b), 157(d), 172, 200(a-e), 220(b), 231, 234, 257(b), 276(j), 283, 301(h), 318(a), 343(b,d,e,f). Cycloalkanes 5(b: iii), 12, 13(a) 36(c), 42(a: i; b: ii), 47(b; ii), 50, 81(f), 82(g), 84(b: ii), 90(b: i), 91, 123(b: ii), 129(a: iii), 131, 164(b: ii), 170, 171(e,f), 193(b: i), 197, 222(b: i), 226, 246(k), 253, 254(e,f,g), 284, 306(b: i, ii), 320(a,b,c)....
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