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Music 130 – Introduction to the Art of Music University of Illinois | School of Music | Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Joseph E. Jones jejones@illinois.edu MB 4004, by appointment TAs: Hilary Morris (morris25@illinois.edu) Mike Siletti (siletti1@illinois.edu) Alex Woller (woller1@illinois.edu) Course Objectives : This course introduces the stylistic features of Western music, focusing on what is often broadly referred to as “classical” music of various time periods. For the most part, we will adopt a chronological, composer-oriented approach that explores the contexts in which these works were created and also considers their influence and reception. Of central importance is the development of your listening skills and musical vocabulary, which will equip you with the tools to discuss any piece of music intelligently. It is hoped that such an approach will deepen your appreciation of all musics and enhance your awareness of its role in our lives today. Required Text : Listen , 6 th ed. e-book with 6-CD set by Kerman, Tomlinson (ISBN: 0-312-47468-7) Additional listening examples will be placed on audio reserve, accessible through the Music and Performing Arts Library at http://www.library.uiuc.edu/ereserves/querycourse.asp. A useful website that accompanies the textbook is found at http://www.bedfordstmartins.com/listen. Course Evaluation: Lecture Attendance 10% Discussion Section 15% Writing Assignments 15% Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Exam 3 (“Final”) 20% Grading: A – 90-100%; B – 80-89%; C – 70-79%; D – 60-69% (each subdivided by “+” and “–”). PLEASE NOTE: All components of the course must be completed as scheduled to pass. There will be no allowances without official documentation. No form of academic dishonesty will be tolerated; it is your responsibility to understand the university’s regulations in this regard. Please see: http://www.library.illinois.edu/learn/research/academicintegrity.html. 1
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Lecture Attendance : Regular attendance at lectures is simply the best way for you to know what will be covered on the exams. To receive credit for attendance, you must check in with your T.A. at the upper level of the auditorium before lecture begins. Students arriving late may be counted as tardy, and two such late arrivals will count as one absence. Eight total absences over the course of the semester are allowed, with no prior approval or documentation needed. Nine or more absences will result in a zero for the attendance portion of the final grade (10%) . NOTE: Students who leave lecture early cause significant distraction to their fellow classmates as well
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130Syllabus - Music 130 Introduction to the Art of Music...

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