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Exam #1 – REVIEW SHEET MUSIC ELEMENTS cadence chord consonance vs. dissonance dynamics harmony homophonic (texture) interval melisma melody meter (duple vs. triple) modes (medieval; major vs. minor) monophonic (texture) motive polyphonic (texture) rhythm scale tempo tone color (timbre) tonic / tonality FORMS ternary ritornello strophic theme and variations GENRES cantata chorale prelude concerto vs. concerto grosso jig madrigal mass motet opera oratorio plainchant OTHER TERMS a cappella antiphony (Gabrieli) OTHER TERMS CONTINUED basso continuo cadenza declamation drone ground bass imitation organum sequence (as in repetition of pitch patterns) vernacular virtuosity word painting FOR THE LISTENING EXAM: Anonymous – “In paradisum” Hildegard – “Columba aspexit” Ventadorn – “La dousa votz” Dufay – “Ave maris stella” Josquin – “Gloria,”
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