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20 Migratory Art and Early Christian British Isles

20 Migratory Art and Early Christian British Isles - Arth...

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Arth 111 Professor Hedeman October 22, 2010 Migratory Art at Sutton Hoo Sutton Hoo, England Anglo-Saxon Burial ground, 6 th -7 th century ship burial purse lid use of animal imagery: bodies divided in section, symmetrical, abstract patterns belt buckle, head is serpent , ornamental pattern : interlace shoulder clasp Terms: barrow cloisonné millefiori The Early Christian Art of the British Isles The Book of Kells (Probably made at Iona, Scotland) , late 8 th -early 9 th centuries Gospel Book (New Testament gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) Consider selection of pages: Evangelist symbols St. Matthew Beginning of text of St Mathew (“Liber generations…” Matthew 1:1) Chi Rho page (“Christi autem generatio…” Matthew 1:18) Observed animal: mice Angel : arm is going through the wings. This page marks the incipit or beginning of the 18 verse of Matthew I. The text  reads: "XPI autem generatio .... " The text of this verse in the Douay Rheims  translation reads: Now the generation of Christ was in this wise.When as his mother Mary was  espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the 
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Holy Ghost. Like other Hiberno-Saxon gospel books, notably the Lindisfarne Gospels, this  text is given prominence. It almost serves as a second incipit for the Book of  Matthew which begins with the Latin incipit: "Liber generationis Iesu Christi..." or 
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