24 Romanesque Architecture - Monastic Function Cover space...

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Arth 111 ( Norman Architecture) Professor Hedeman Simi-circular arches, massive quality, thick walls ,round arches, sturdy piers, groin vault, symmetrical plan. In common with Byzantine architecture,relies upon walls ( piers) Piers used to support arches, built of masonry and square or retancgular in section Piers that occur at the intersection of two large arches Hollow core columns Foliate corinthian. Large interior space. Arch: semicircular Wooden roof Diversity: Saint-Martin-du-Canigou Monestary Church, Rounded arch Plan: 2 stories, convienent place, View toward apse: simple., valut, circular valut, central nave side aisle Made of local stone Divider: Plan top level Nav: dark window on the side aisle Crypt : like basement , not high , because on the downstairs Small Church French Pyrenees ca. 1001-1026 Saint-Savin-Sur-Gartemps Romansque Abbey Church Monastic Church
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Unformatted text preview: Monastic Function Cover space, Flat roof Nave: colmns up to vault, side aiels as tall as nave ( so very high structures Long barrel vault Choir : extend the apse provide space extended visual cycle Painted colmn like marble columns: tall heavy,painted on the outside Paint a line Choir 1060-75 Nave 1095-1115 Old testment creation The flood and noah’s ark Geness 6-9 Saint-Sernin, Toulouse ca. 1080-1120 1. large. 2. constructed mostly of brick 3. cross-shaped building 4. Cellings are valuted 4. Radiating chapels 2. Exterior: bell tower, transepty crossing, divided into five tiers 3. Central nave:barreled vault 4. Crypt Dual function: town , Classical elaborate Shape like a cross, western block Source for images of Romanesque churches in France: http://www.sacred-destinations.com/france/france-romanesque-churches...
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24 Romanesque Architecture - Monastic Function Cover space...

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