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Extra Credit Outside Lecture Reflection Paper

Extra Credit Outside Lecture Reflection Paper - Will you...

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Accy 201 Extra Credit Assignment Reflection on Outside Lecture Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to Encourage students to take advantage of opportunities to learn from outside speakers invited to the College Reflect on how these outside-of-class lectures are an important part of the learning experience offered to students at the U of I College of Business Communicate effectively in writing Task: Attend one of the outside of class lectures identified by Professor Curtis as an extra credit opportunity this semester. Listen to learn not just the content of the speaker’s lecture, but also the message for students. Include the topic of the speaker’s talk. Why did the College invite the speaker to give this particular talk? (Why is this an important thing for students to learn?) How does the experience of going to a talk like these enhance what you have learned already in your classes?
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Unformatted text preview: Will you attend future lectures of this nature even if you are not given course credit for doing so? Why or why not? Write a thoughtful, reflection paper that answers these questions. Criteria for Success: A successful assignment will have the following characteristics: • 1 page single spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins, hard copy • Includes student name, TA name, Discussion Section Code, title of the essay, on the back-side of the single sheet of paper---printed (by hand or printer) neatly • Will be submitted to TA at beginning of Discussion Section by the date indicated in the announcement on the Accy 201 course webpage • Answers the questions indicated in the task description above • May include a brief description about the speaker’s subject, but is NOT merely a report about the lecture...
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