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Ruth kluger “Freedom” p.136, p.140 doing away with something Uncle : identity as woman.cold war hysteria( better have sth than nothing) p.177 uncomfortable feeling ( “ You have to erase Gisela Bock “ Racism and Sexism in Nazi Germany” Kaiserchinitt vs.Hitlerschnitt Kluger gender: p175, p.179-180, p183, p184,p201,p187 To be a good girl Hunter college: social animal because she met real friend Hard to satisfy: way to connect Trauerarbeit Work of mourning : psycho word
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Unformatted text preview: Why did Dr. Fessler brother her so greatly Weiter leben vs. still alive Form of adrress in German : Direct: dialogue of holocaust Informal: formal is distance, and her experience is personal Americanizing the holocaust : more transparency Norative style reflection, cultural illusion Survival : between Kluger , Museum What do museums convey, accordng to 198. Rearranged: this is how it was : we just did it ....
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