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26 W HY ? Substances that contain only atoms with the same number of protons are called elements . The Periodic Table lists all the known elements in order of their atomic number and in columns that depend on similarities in their chemical and physical properties. The Periodic Table is a useful tool for both students and professionals to identify the properties of the elements and understand the properties of molecules. L EARNING O BJECTIVES Become familiar with the organization of the Periodic Table Appreciate both the diversity and commonalities in the chemical and physical properties of the elements S UCCESS C RITERIA Identify groups and periods in the Periodic Table Use the Periodic Table to provide information about the elements P REREQUISITES Activity 02-1: Atoms, Isotopes and Ions Activity 02-2: Mass Spectrometry and Masses of Atoms I NFORMATION Dmitri Mendeleev (1834 1907), a Russian scientist, constructed the f rst Periodic Table by listing the elements in horizontal rows in order of increasing atomic mass. He started new rows whenever necessary to place elements with similar properties in the same vertical column. Mendeleev found that the correlations in properties between some elements in the columns were not perfect. These observations led him to predict the existence of undiscovered elements and to wonder how the table might be better organized. Later H.G.J. Moseley used x-ray spectra to re f ne the ordering and show that atomic numbers rather than atomic masses should be used to order the elements. In the Periodic Table, elements with similar properties occur in vertical columns called groups .
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Student_02_3 - ACTIVITY 02-3 The Periodic Table of the...

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