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Discover NY - Honors Syllabus – Fall 2011 Dr. Paula Kay Lazrus Email lazrusp@stjohns.edu Office hours T 12-1:00, W 2:30-3:30, F 11-12, Bent 340a (opposite the Asian Studies office), Or by appointment Tel : 718- 990-2685 Course Description Discover New York: the ever changing City is an investigation of New York City from its earliest settlement through its incorporation as the city of five boroughs we know today. Along the way you will develop skills that will help you navigate through your college experience and that will be applicable to your college experience as a whole. Whether you are new to town, or have lived here all your life, you will quickly find that there are many things to explore and learn about this ever - changing city. Course Objectives and Goals: New York City is full of the unexpected. As we ask questions about the history of the terrain and the people who have come to live and transform this city, you will also be acquiring new investigative competencies from the fields of Anthropology /Archaeology, Geography and History. Formulating and asking questions is the way scholars in all fields investigate and come to understand their subjects. During this semester you will become more familiar with this process in addition to developing skills for analyzing and comprehending historical documents, maps, and descriptive accounts relating to New York City's transformations (physical, social and cultural). You will also gain experience in utilizing different resources and documenting your work properly. You will have the opportunity to hone you observational skills through considerations of visual depictions of the city, visits to neighborhoods and museums and in role playing and other hands-on experiences and by participating in Service Learning you will have the opportunity to make more concrete some of the concepts and topics we focus on in class. By the end of the semester you: will have gained some experience in researching and presenting information in both written and oral form will have a stronger sense of New York’s History and Diversity gained confidence in reading and analyzing primary texts gained confidence in analyzing maps and other images have had the opportunity to test your newly emerging skills through both individual and group work have given of yourself and to others through service learning and have gained a deeper sense of the city's development from a wooded island on the outskirts of a vast ecologically rich continent to a multicultural mercantile trading post Required Reading: The following list represents articles that are available on line/through our class website. In addition to the materials listed here we may add newspaper articles or other articles as appropriate. The Dutch Arrive on Manhattan Island: An Indian Perspective
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DNYhon_SylFall2011(2) - Discover NY - Honors Syllabus Fall...

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