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Effective Persuasion

Effective Persuasion - Effective Persuasion After reading...

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Effective Persuasion After reading the five persuasive essays in Ch. 51 the essay that persuades me the most was “I See Why Others Choose to Die” by Jerry Fensterman. Before this essay I was against physician-assisted suicide because I think suicide was wrong and against gods law, but Jerry made me see things from in the person suffering shoes. Jerry made me see how bad someone can suffer from pain. I now believe that people should have the choice to suffer or to ease the pain, even if that means they have to die they still should have the right to choose. I think Jerry persuade me because he made you see how the people who need physician-assisted suicide live, think, and feel inside before the make the choice to take away the pain. Jerry opened my eyes and made me think of physician-assisted suicide as a way to escape the pain and the suffering of you and love ones. I think if I was in Jerry shoes I would have chosen physician-assisted suicide instead of suffering. After reading Jerry Fensterman essay “I See Why Others Choose to Die” I
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