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OUTLINE I. Credit cards can put a person in debt. A. Credit Cards have high interest rates. B. Credit Cards have hidden fees. II. People lose valuables due to credit cards. A. Credit Cards can cause people to fill bankruptcy. B. Credit Card companies can put leans on property. III. Credit Cards can also be helpful. A. Convent money anytime. B. Use for emergency and pay the money back later. I decided to sequence my paragraph this way because I figure it would be more interesting. I want to start with credit card debt to spice up the paper as the reader begins. I wanted to start with the good stuff so to say to keep the reader into the paper. I
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Unformatted text preview: also want to touch on hidden fees in the beginning so people can get a better understanding of what type of people credit card companies are like. I hope that my paper is very informational to the ones who need the information the most, I also hope that my paper touch all bases and help open the eyes of people who are blind to what their credit card is capable of. I want people to see that credit card companies are like lawn sharks with a license. Credit cards can cause people to lose everything they have worked hard to save or obtain....
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