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Faculty’s Rubric Comments After reading faculty’s rubric comments and the Turnitin ® (Plagiarism Checker) report provided in Appendix D, I think the writer should have rewrote or rephrased the information he got from Wikipedia. I do not think the author meant to steal what he read in Wikipedia, I think the author thought that the couple sentences would not hurt to copy because he was writing a paper for school. I think the author should have just simply adding in-text citations or a reference list, so that the reader would know the source of the information. The author should have used the Plagiarism
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Unformatted text preview: Checker to help find if there were any matches to the information he found on the internet. The Plagiarism Checker would have helped him to find the source if he could not find it on his own and he could have used that to add-in his or her source. The author should have added or mixed in his or her own words to make the sentence more authentic or their own instead of copying and pasting what they read on the internet. I think the author would have been better off not adding in the information or just pick pieces that he tell enough in their own words....
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