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After reading the sample paper I have found a few things that I would have changed. The first thing I noticed about the paper was the first paragraph and the third paragraph should be switched. The third paragraph describes more of what the article is about than the first paragraph. I would have been more detailed in the first paragraph and explained more about what my article was going to be about. The second thing I also noticed was that the second paragraph, fourth sentence should be two sentences or joined sentences instead of one steady sentence. I would have not added “Specifically the director, Christopher Nolan, the writer David S. Goyer and the stars such as Christian Bale, Gary Oldmand, and Michael Caine all played a role in both of the films with the only exception being Maggie Gyllenhall replacing Katie Holmes and Heath Ledger playing the Joker in one of his last roles, which will be remembered as an excellent performance and one which earned him an academy award after he had
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