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The strategies you will use to overcome To overcome my challenges when writing I have came up with a few strategies to help me become a much effective writer. The first strategy I have is proofreading or getting someone to proofread it for me. Proofreading is my first strategy because it helps you point out your mistakes such as misspelled words, punctuations, even sentence fragments. Getting someone else to proofread your paper after you also is a great way to find mistakes you did not know was there, even helps you get some different ideas about how to use different word or sentences. The second strategy I use to overcome my challenges is using
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Unformatted text preview: WritePoint or the spelling and grammar checker or Microsoft word. I use these programs to help me find mistakes people sometime tend to miss. I use these programs every time I write a paper as a back- up checker before submitting assignment or paper. I also use the dictionary and the internet to help me spell words and find the proper way to use punctuations. I try reading books to help my vocabulary and looking up word I do not know to help my spelling. I write a lot of paper for my job so I try to keep a dictionary close by just incase....
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