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Use of Definitions - Use of Definitions/Compare and...

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Use of Definitions/Compare and Contrast Paragraphs In my final paper I will use definitions to help the reader get a better understanding of what the term used mean. For example in my paper I wrote “ Credit card fraud also known as identity theft is when an unauthorized user takes another person credit information for the purpose of either charging purchasing to the victim’s account or removing funds from the account.” I chose to give a definition of the term credit card fraud or identity theft because I want my readers to understand what credit card fraud and identity theft means. I do think that I should add in more definitions to help my paper be much clearer to the reader. I also should use definitions in my paper to give details about the examples that my readers will understand. My paper is on why most American should not use credit cards so I want to be sure that the reader understands every word and term use in my paper.
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