Disaster Plan - Individual Disaster Plan Disaster Plan...

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Individual: Disaster Plan Disaster Plan Kristopher Glover IT/240 9/9/2011 CHRISTY DANNENBERG
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Individual: Disaster Plan 123 Textiles has placed itself into a difficult position. While it may be able to survive many of the regular issues -- the earthquake zone, the high crime area - it will not be able to continue without making additional effort to protect its property and its information. The first thing to address is the theft of the server. Obviously, anything that could be taken in a simple "smash and grab" robbery will be a target in a high-crime area. All equipment that can be taken so easily should be moved away from windows, and the server and computer system itself needs to be protected doubly, since it may also contain personal information on employees and customers. A centralized location in the building would be best. For the data security, a system should be backed up daily. If it is backing up to a separate hard drive off location that may be appropriate, however that back up must occur daily and must be protected. Many businesses back up daily and then a separate back up is done once a week and kept aside, meaning at least two drives would be needed for backups. That once-a-week back up is taken off line and stored in case something were to happen to both the server in the company and the offsite drive. It means that, at most, you would have only days of information lost instead of the potential of losing everything, should there be a power outage or earthquake during the back up. The system in the business should be protected with a power surge protector of sufficient
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Disaster Plan - Individual Disaster Plan Disaster Plan...

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