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Unformatted text preview: \ D huprrdmmmiremrrr/trainingr]:prodwrirameseedtisprtaotrameemsvgw-mgzszosm Table of mint: directly reialed In lire lab Additional Resources - Miuosoiie Windows server 2003 Deoioyment Kit pages: rittomvwwmiorosorioom Jresctiicesrdocumentation rvvrrnoowssemzzuoareit Jdealuyguidelerirus ropgDss overview am I DESPQIIIRQ and DED‘DYIHQ Direetory and Security Services raito irirrwwrrrioroeaiioorrr limumesiflommeribatiun mnaowsserwzunzraii roepiovouioyenos Inerauit asoaondrreraorog roammeoiaironIModowoServ rzaaaraiirdepiovguidererr-os IDSSBD TOPD OVERVIEW fl - Tnuiwile LiveLahs Cataiog ritto.mthv.toozwire.coro lcalalog lith curriculum m ' Allnfired time Iu culeem Ian: BU minutes Technology m I Miorosofl Windows Server 200: . Miorosoit Windows sewer 2003 Enterprise Edih'nri I Microson Windows Server 200: standard Edition - Miorosoit Windows ZUIJI Active Directory (1} Enpvnghl znud TuuluirE. Inn Report NW“ 3 @i ' r ’ 7 sauna Main Page Placemenl olGIobal Catalog Servers Considertne site and domain structure detaiieu in me auditionai mmm‘latinrl sent by Bert Masters W SecureSEarE): ' A v How many Giubii Caiaiug sewers d0 You D'UDUSE fur NWtradeis? 7 Von selected tire ngtii rirrrrrberIortitie ooeriorio E Read this e-mail riorn Jim Smith. Head oi ii, to rind our more Placement oi Domain Controllers Salem one ladurtriat influences wriy you wnuld not want to piece any addilinnal dumairi cuntrniiers in tne eite EMEA 1 EMEM has become a riubsitetriatwm authenticate users aver BWAN More users are ooirioto be aooeototne domain FACi mine site Site aware applications neeata he oesioyeo in the organization There is an increase intrie use oriocal serverrbasedsharadiesnumes mine Bile Yuu neeato ineiuoe more oiouoooiioies Well done. Read [his errnari irom Jim Smrzn, Head or IT, lo rind out more Placemenl of Dilatation s Mailers You are In a meeting and have made a statement that aii We oftrie operations master roles are given by deiauit to me first 7 domain conliuilei inslaHed In lhe loresi iuul domain You are men askedlu |I5lwhich lhiee Dime five uperalluns masler mlac are iieari at rlrimain iaiiai in the "Mn! rlrimairi: Talrlufmitm directly reialea It: Irie lat: Additional Resources - Microsoirs \Mridaws Server 2003 Depioyment Kit pages: ring ilwwwmtcms nflLflm Jresuurcesrdocumeritatiun Mnn new: semzmiareit Jdefiluyguiuelerrrus JdggDSS overview ESQ I Designing and Depioyinn Directory arid Security SEMEE' kiln lew,miI:msafl,Dnm limummlflnmmenlalifln 1W1" duwsSeMleflillali Jaeginvguioyen-us JDefaull asp?url=lrE‘raun:E ldafllmerllalinliMf dnwsServ Rflflyalvdeglmuidnlenrfls IDSSBD TOP!) OVERVIEW gig ' Tuniwile LiveLahs Caiaiug Min {Mwwtnuiwire mm lcatalog lith curriculum m ' Allnfired time Iu culeem Ian: BU minutes Technciiogy m - Miorosoti Windws Server ZUIJI I Miuusnil Wimmws Server 2003 Enterprise Edih'nri - Miorosoti Windws Server 200: Standard Edition I Micrnsnfil Winnnws ZUIJ} Active Directory J‘) Cnpynghl 2on4 Tnuluira, Inn time Renaming 5mm Schema master Those are ttie correct operation a master: to ciiooae iri ttii a itrratiori. E Read this e-mail riorn Jim Smith. Head oi ii, to rind our more Plaoemelll 0| Opeiatiolls Maslers Asslfln all five nltha FSMD miss tn the mnsl sullahle dumam mntrnHers In the mul dumam 0f NWliaders Domain oontroiierz (nut a Giooai cataiog Domain cunerHer 1 (Giuhai Caiaiug serveii Schema masler PDCemuiator R'D "‘as‘e' Iriirastructure master Domain naming iii Goodioo. .tirrr Smilll. Head er in tin: emailed yuu won more information W Secure Search 7% i 2232 Lair EIIE gun g I D htthI/dchmoleregom/M 5 WM 3 v Ies‘MSVJdU-SMLZZ NONI/feed be do htmI RECOMMENDED SOLUIION SUMMARY FOR DESIGNING A SITE INFRASTRUCTURE (2282 LAB 3-1) Frintm 5 age Silas are me pIIyaII Inpuingy nI a neiwnn: Active Direcmry '5 ma IngiaaI Simdule nI IIIe Nelwurk Yau nave aesIgnen an appmpfiale site topology In IIeIp nptImIze me exchange or data ann mremry iIIIoIrIIannII inr Numaners In IIeIaIIn, sue rm: 1 SIM an: 2 an. PAC 3 an. FM: A me man an. no Eaui am; is wnnemeu In Inner sues "5mg a WAN Iink, FACII FACE, FACC'I, FACQI and EMEAI are each In iheil awn suhnel bulare Dunnecled via hlghsueed fihel Ilnks. Thereinfe. llIEY meel me requirements for a sIngIe Sile. TlIe WnnedIun helween EMEM and H0 is a SIUWBI 256 K llame reIay link andwuuld sulla senaIale Elle In EDrIIral renIlcalion trams. There are no site awaie aDcIIcanoIIs InsIaIIea In aflecl InIs design. You have decided In use defauIIIgzsileIink helween lne factnry unlls hemuse mere are only him sites Ina] {equire a single 5IIe IinK between lllenI The defaullipsIIeIinK wIll aIlflw ynu to cmfigme IIIe {epIimlion schedule In! llle sile IInk between me HQ Elle and IlIe EMEA‘FBCIDHES Elle, PI new ine Ilnkwuuld be [Emmed an" ilyuu IIad addlliunal SHE WIIII dlllerenl Wnnedions. The replImIiDn pmmcul illI' llle SHE: WIII’IIII Ire|ani1 wlll De RFC because Mlcmsml lecullllllElIdS that you use RFC when lheIe IS dilEL'L IF curinec'uvny Between Silas SMTP should unly be used when you (In not have (lived IP mimeva between siles, SMTP can anIy be used In lepliCaIe me schema, mnfigumticn, and Gluhal CaIalng IninmIaIinn helween silee‘. It unmet be used In repIiaaIe the damn paniIiun, sn is nut suiIaIIIe Iar IIIis soenaIIn, Suppose me HR prnpnsai as neIaIIed In Mr Ben Masters‘ e-maII is nepiwen Deploying IIIe HR appiieannn Wlll resuii In me same numner n1 sues, Aimnugn me HR aplemm is sIte aware arm wiII requue mange: In me IF sunners used In me Iadolifi‘ It wilI Nataflea me numner m sues necause me apnmum siIe nesIgII aireaay incIunes aII ni Ine Iauanes wunIn me same sue In rum, IIIIs ImpIIes mat me number of sne IInIIs wiII nuI be anemen my me HR appIIcaIIun nepinymem NWtradelS wlll use Seven GIDDaI Calang Servers, detailed in Ben Maslels' addlliunal Information emaIl. Mr Maslels llele slated Illal "lllele WIII be unly ane Ella and "us sIle r EMEA I r wiIl incIuI‘le all llle dulllairls In Ireland. There wlll be M domaln curlllollers allocated In lhe Sile.‘ 'nIe MIansniI GuifleIiIIes sIaIe IIIaI sites with more than four nemain eunImIIeIs designate appmxImaIery IIaII urine dumain callllullels in me siIe as Global Calang sewers MIcmsull dncumemaiian on designing siIe Inpclugy amI pIaIIniIIg anIaIn enmmIIer capaeiiy Iecnmmends inaeasing IIIe number nr nnmain cnnImIIeIs llI Ine InIIumng siIuaIInIIs EMEAI Demming a Irun site that wIII aumemicaie users ever a WAN, mnIe users are going In he added to Ina namaIn FAQ! In me siIe, 5IIe aware apnIiI-aiims need In he rinsinyen in me nIganizaIiDII‘ and were is an inuease in me use nI IncaI serveirbased snared Iesuulces III IIIe sIIe. TIIe IncIusinn of more gmup pnlIIies wIII lIal neeessiiaie mule damaln enmmIIeIs In our sire, You resogmze Ihal FDC emuIaIcn RID masIeI, and Immmre mashei aIe ail domain-level rules. whereas Domain-nammg master and Smema master are IoresI IeveI IoIes. In assigning aII I'Ive III the rsmo roles In Ine mnsr suiIaIIIe numain ennImIIers in Ihe InnI numain ni Nwtrafleie, yuu nave musen eiIIIer dnmaIn ennImIIeI 1 as IIIe Schema maslei, PDC emuiaaan RID masien ami Domainrnaming mastei because it is a Glubal Calalug server Dumain container 2 Is nm a GInIsaI aaiaing server, so IlIIS Is selecIed as yaui lnIIaslIIIdule masier firwnglil 20m rnaImIa. Inc. x 6 Secure Seam: IEI I ...
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toolwire screenshoots - D...

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