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1. Did you feel the results were accurate? No, I did not feel the results were accurate. I think that I could have done better if I had more time to work out each problem. When taking the test I skipped a lot of questions I did not know the answers too. I was afraid that working the problem out or spending too much time on one question would use up my time. I think the test results were not accurate because some people are good at answering question in a certain time and others have trouble but does not mean that they are any less smarter. 2. Was the test biased in any way? No, I did not feel like the test was biased in any way because each question was different and touched on different subjects. The test gave an equal amount of questions from each subject. Some question seem similar at times and others seem repetitive but were all different is some
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Unformatted text preview: way. I do feel like the test had graphs I never have worked with before but other than that nothing seemed bias in any way. 3. How do you feel about these types of scores being used to compare you with another person? Please explain. I feel that these scores should not be used to compare me with another person because the test is only a guess not fact. The test results say I have an IQ of 73 and the average score of all test takers is 100. I have a GPA of 3.72 which is a little above average so to compare those test results to another person would be inaccurate. I think that if the test was graded by how many question you get write without being timed than maybe then you could compare the results to another person....
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