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testing theory+ - About a year ago I was trying to breed my...

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About a year ago I was trying to breed my girl dog and noticed my boy dog was trying but could not succeed. I thought maybe he was too short because my girl dog was taller than most pit bulls. My friend thought maybe because this was my boy dog first time breeding he was having trouble finding the spot. My wife thought that maybe my girl dog did not want to breed with my boy dog. So I decided to test each theory by trying to breed her with three different dogs to see with dog she takes to the most. I tried a dog taller than her, one that has been breed, and my boy dog over a three day period. The informal research method I used to help me in my experiment was Experimental research. First I put my girl dog in the kennel and introduce her to each dog through the fence to ensure they all were friendly with each other. Then I put the boy dogs on dog chains at three different points of the yard and let the girl dog out the kennel to see who she would go too. My girl dog ran over to my boy dog and started to mount him to let him know she
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