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Final Assignment pt.2

Final Assignment pt.2 - I think that television movies and...

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I think that television , movies, and electronic games have a big effect on culture. I think that television, movies and electronic games affect culture in a negative way. I think that television pressures women and young girls to look like the models and actors on television. I think that movies are both negative and positive to culture. I think that movies can be informational and teach our culture how other cultures live. Movies can be negative because of the violent nature in the movie. Movies that are fiction can seem real to the viewer and cause the viewer to try to react what they watched in a movie. Electronic games are both good and bad to me also. I think that electronic games can have a negative effect on culture because of the killing, gore and offensive language in games today. In movies and television today culture is a big part of those movies or shows unless it is a fiction or cartoon movies. You can learn about other cultures in movies and television shows.
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