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As the news director of a local television station my responsibilities would be toward the society. I would choose the story about the city council voting to close city parks 3 days a week to save money as my lead story. Even though, the story about the celebrity death will get more ratings I would feel my duty is to make sure that the news provide information that effect’s the society the most. The story about the council closing the city park will have more an impact on society than the death of a major celebrity. The locals who use the park will be more interested in why the park is closing for a period of three days and how closing the park will help save money. In my news coverage I would provide as much information on the closing park as possible. I would provide information on what time the park will be closing, what three days the park will be closed, how much money the park will save by closing, and where the money will go. Also in my news coverage of the park closing I would give information on how closing the park will
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