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The biggest breaking news

The biggest breaking news - The biggest breaking news I...

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The biggest breaking news I found was “Texas couple attacked by pirates?” I could not find any coverage on this story on cnn.com, which I thought to be strange since it was a big story on foxnews.com and msnbc.com. The story is about a couple who went jet skiing on Falcon Lake which is located on the U.S. –Mexican border. Somehow on the way back from site seeing the couple was attacked by pirates the husband was shot and killed but the wife escaped without being hurt only shocked. The controversy surrounding this story is the officials say that they cannot retrieve the husband’s body because it’s across the Mexican border and they do not have jurisdiction. On msnbc.com there are no articles just a video link Jet-skiing Texas couple attacked by Mexican pirates? And on foxnews.com there is a video link U.S. Man Gunned Down in Mexican Waters , an article Pirate Lake: Mexican Border Bandits Terrorize American Boaters , and the Wife's Frantic 911 Call . I found it interesting, although not surprising that most of the commentary on this story coincided. The majority of the people
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