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Thesis - think books are great also they help open your...

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Thesis Me personally I am a big fan of music. I think that music is more than just a piece of entertainment because music can help you though tough times even make you think sometimes. I believe music is what comes from the soul and speaks to another soul. Music is a big part of all cultures but to blacks or African Americans music is a large part of our culture. I think that music can be took the wrong way at times and used to as an escape goat for peoples actions. I do believe that music has a big effect on our youth and needs to send more positive messages to the youth. Music to me is a way to vent or to cut loose when you need too. I think music is one of the most popular Medias we have today besides the internet and books. I
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Unformatted text preview: think books are great also; they help open your mind to new things you never knew was there. Books can take you places, show you things, and most importantly give you knowledge of self and others. Books can teach you how to talk with educated words while teaching you how to write educated. Music teaches you how to express yourself and have fun at times. Without these things life would be dull and slow. The days would feel like weeks and the weeks like months. Without freedom to express yourself and freedom to grow mentally, you will never reach the goal you set or dream....
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