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Capstone Check Point The most useful thing I have learned about the diversity of America's racial and ethnic makeup is we are all newcomers in some sense of the word. Everyone was once an immigrant, from my grandparents who arrived here from France, to people who arrived here hundreds of years ago. So, basically, everyone has had the same struggles to learn a new language and how to get along with each other. I did learn something interesting about my cultural background in my studies, that the Statue of Liberty, which is probably the world's most significant symbol for welcoming immigrants, was a gift from the French to America. With almost 300,000 illegal immigrants and two thirds of a million legal immigrants increasing the population of the United States each year, it is clear we will all have to adapt to cultural
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Unformatted text preview: differences over the next 40+ years and beyond. The largest population entering the United States, both legally and secretly, is the Hispanic population, primarily from Mexico, so this group will probably have the greatest influence on American culture. To prepare for this cultural shift, learning tolerance and appreciating differences will be our greatest challenge. From seniors, to children, to all working people, Americans will have to become flexible when dealing with different ways of working, speaking, and acting. The way this will occur most likely is gradually, especially due to the bonding of children from different backgrounds in schools. If we can accomplish this, 2050 will hold a bright future for all citizens....
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