journal entry - Journal Entry I am a Syrian American whose...

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Journal Entry I am a Syrian American, whose family came from what is now called Lebanon They were poor people – goat farmers who lived in a village called Ain Nakhl about 15 miles from Mount Lebanon. The English translation for “Ain Nakhl” is Palm Springs! There were not many people from Syria living in the United States before the second half of the 19 th Century, but then there began a small but steady trickle of immigration, and by the 1880s, there was a substantial number of Syrian immigrants here. We can’t say for certain where they all came from, but because until 1920, Syria inluded the countries now called Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. Between 1860 and 1890, a few hundred Lebanese and Syrians entered the United States each year. The first Syrian family was that of Professor Joseph Arbeely who, with his wife, six sons and a niece, arrived in 1878. Two of his sons later founded the first Arabic newspaper in the western world, another was Consul in Jerusalem under President Grover Cleveland, and yet another was in the Immigration Service. ( Geneology Today) Most of the immigrants came for economic reasons, but some of the Syrian Christians felt that they were at risk of persecution (because of their religion) from the Turkish based government of the time, which had ruled Syria for four hundred years as part of the Ottoman Empire. Being Muslim, my great great grandfather did not have those concerns. He was just so poor that he looked for a better life elsewhere. While most of the immigrants to the US came from Europe, immigration from the
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journal entry - Journal Entry I am a Syrian American whose...

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