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Unformatted text preview: Should United States government policy favour certain kinds of immigrants? First of all, it is clear that current immigration does favour certain groups. Those who are highly skilled, younger or from certain areas of the world receive preferential treatment this is nothing new. Almost throughout the history of the US, certain groups have been favoured and others discriminated against. Which was which depended on what was seen to be in the best interests of the country at the time? Whether the immigration system should discriminate against some and favour others is a difficult moral judgement. If one takes the view that elderly, uneducated or unfit people should not be permitted entry, because of the strain they might put on public resources, and then that might be justifiable economically. Similarly, it might be Government policy to use the immigration system as a form of social engineering to limit entry to those who will be useful to the state, or at least share a common political viewpoint with the...
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