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1 Android OpenGL ES Issues OmniG Software Inc. ( Monday, January 21, 2008 Contact: X-Benchmark for Android This document lists all issues we got during the development of OmniGSoft X-Benchmark for Android. X-Benchmark is a comprehensive mobile performance benchmark, which tests the most important capabilities of a mobile device, including: processor, memory, I/O, 2D graphics, 3D graphics. While developing the 3D graphics test module for Android OpenGL ES implementation, we got several issues in OpenGL ES. The issues listed here are based on X-Benchmark running on the latest Android SDK ( ). We also include the test result of X-Benchmark Java ME edition running on Sun Wireless Toolkit 2.5 with Sun OpenGL ES implementation (JSR-239 Java Binding for OpenGL ES). All Android OpenGL ES issues listed here are concluded from comparison between Android OpenGL ES test results and Sun OpenGL ES test results. However, they are still not finally confirmed, which means: 1. The issue could be a bug in Android OpenGL ES implementation. 2. This issue might be caused by improper usage of OpenGL ES functions, such as incorrect function parameters. Issue 1: OpenGL Fog causes wrong 3D rendering gl.glFogx(GL10.GL_FOG_MODE, GL10.GL_LINEAR); gl.glFogf(GL10.GL_FOG_START, fog.frontDistance); gl.glFogf(GL10.GL_FOG_END, fog.backDistance); Left: Sun Wireless Toolkit (JSR-239); Right: Android OpenGL ES
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2 Issue 2: OpenGL Fog function glFogf() causes “Invalid Enum” exception When calling glFogf() with any one OpenGL constant of GL_LINEAR, GL_EXP, GL_EXP2, Android OpenGL generate an “Invalid Enum” exception. Following is the Dalvik Debug output: gl.glFogf(GL10.GL_FOG_MODE, GL10.GL_LINEAR); gl.glFogf(GL10.GL_FOG_MODE, GL10.GL_EXP); gl.glFogf(GL10.GL_FOG_MODE, GL10.GL_EXP2); If remove glFogf() calling, the OpenGL works, but not sure what kind of fog formula is used. Issue 3: OpenGL Texture does not support GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA
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Android_OpenGL_ES_Issues - Android OpenGL ES Issues OmniG...

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