Egypt student questions

Egypt student questions - activity such as that which...

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Egypt, The Troubled Giant Name__________________ Note: This textbook case was prepared “prior” to the Egyptian revolution that occurred early in 2011. The questions should be answered based on the situation at the period of time considered in the question. QUESTION 1: How would you describe the economic policy that Egypt implemented during 2004-2008? 1a. Do you think this policy helped to boost Egypt’s growth rate? Why or why not? QUESTION 2: How vulnerable was the Egyptian economy to a slowdown in global economic
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Unformatted text preview: activity such as that which occurred in 2009? 2a.What would the countries objectives be to reduce this vulnerability? QUESTION 3: What were some of the risks in Egypts current political system may of led to the revolution of 2011? 3a. What is the best case scenario going forward, what is the worst case scenario? QUESTION 4: Post revolution; is Egypt an attractive market for international business? 4a.What advice would you give to a multinational enterprise considering investment in Egypt?...
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Egypt student questions - activity such as that which...

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