Logitech student questions

Logitech student questions - and operations from...

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Case Study: Logitech Name_________________ QUESTION 1: A. In a world without trade would companies like Logitech exist? B. What would happen to the prices that American consumers would have to pay for Logitech type products? QUESTION 2: A. Use the theory of comparative advantage to explain the way in which Logitech has configured in global operations. B. Why does the company manufacture in China and Taiwan, undertake basic R&D in California and Switzerland, design products in Ireland, and coordinate marketing
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Unformatted text preview: and operations from California? QUESTION 3: A. Who creates more value for Logitech, the 650 people it employs in Freemont and Switzerland, or the 4,000 employed at its Chinese factory? B. What are the implications of this observation for the argument that free trade is beneficial? QUESTION 4: A. Why do you think China is now a favored location for so much high technology manufacturing activity? B. What potential problems are associated with moving work to China?...
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Logitech student questions - and operations from...

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