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SyllabusIntMgtFall2011 90111a - The University of Texas at...

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The University of Texas at Arlington College of Business Administration MANA 4321: International Management Section 002, Fall 2011 UTA Arlington Campus – Room COBA 251 Lecturer: Scott Manning Office Hours: After Class or Appointment CoB Office Phone: 817-272-3166 (MANA office) Office: Suite 209 Business Building Cell Phone: 817-713-9552 (Text OK) Web Site:   E-mail: [email protected] Textbook: Global Business Today 7 th Edition, Case Pack: Harvard: Business Case Bundle (Required) Charles Hill, McGraw Hill Irwin at UTA Bookstore (Required) $23.00 ISBN: 978-0-07-813721-1 Description of Course With an ever-growing number of economies and industries becoming multinational and global in scope, managers are increasingly challenged to adopt and execute strategies within a global perspective. “International Management" seeks to provide students with the skills, knowledge and sensitivity required to successfully manage organizations and organizational units within a multinational environment. Topics covered include the analysis of industry and environmental forces, the competitive context in which companies operate in global industries, the characteristics of global, multinational and transnational strategies, global strategic alliances, the role of organizational structures and the importance of strategic control. Course Objectives The primary objective of this course is to help you think like a manager in the international context-- one that recognizes and understands the important inter-linkages that exist in the conducting of business in a global environment. Case studies used in the course will help you develop your analytical and decision- making skills and also highlight the reality of environmental uncertainties influencing decision making in the international context. Cases also seek to develop your capacity to identify issues, to reason carefully through various options and improve your ability to manage the organization process by which decisions get formed and executed. Student Learning Outcomes By the end of this course, you should be able to (1) identify and articulate the challenges faced by managers as they engage in international business, (2) understand the implications of cultural, political, economic and legal differences from the perspective of firms competing internationally and (3) propose and justify explicit management and strategic solutions that are realistic, effective, and efficient in the international business environment. Achieving the Objectives Text book chapters, assigned cases and other readings should be read before coming to class which will help the material covered in class be more understandable and retainable. Case analysis write-ups should be typewritten and turned in at the beginning of class. The write-ups will receives credit/no credit grading. Students are expected to attend each class session and to actively participate in class
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SyllabusIntMgtFall2011 90111a - The University of Texas at...

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