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09 - Definitions Protomer-asymmetric portion of a protein...

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11/24/09 Protein 3° Structure A) Proteins are enormously complex Structures are “abstracted” in some way Displayed to highlight structural elements of interest i)Polypeptide backbone ii)Key side chains: metal ligands, catalytic 4° Structure Most proteins contain multiple subunits Example: Hemoglobin (Hb) O 2 Transport Protein Contains 4 subunits 2 pairs of 2 different molecules
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Unformatted text preview: Definitions Protomer-asymmetric portion of a protein Dimer: protein composed of 2 promotomers Hb is a dimer because it is composed of 2 protomers; Each protomer is composed of 2 different subunits Hb(αβ) Protein Stability A)Proteins, in fact, are surprisingly unstable structures 100 residue protein ~40 kJ/mol ~0.4 kJ/mol residue...
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