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09 - charge pulls the 2s electrons closer which decreases...

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9/29/09 Chapter 14 *Figure 14.35: Three Mutually Perpendicular 2 p Orbitals on Boron *Figure 14.36: Sigma Bonding and Antibonding Orbitals on Boron *Figure 14.40: Correct MO Energy-Level Diagram for B2 *Figure 14.41: MO Energy-Level Diagrams, Bond orders, Bond Energies and Bond Lengths for Diatomic Molecules B2 to F2 Orbital ordering of σ2p and ∏2p Repulsion effects of σ 2s and σ 2p electrons decrease across the period, because increasing the nuclear
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Unformatted text preview: charge pulls the 2s electrons closer, which decreases the σ 2s and σ 2p electronic interactions causing σ 2p to drop below ∏ 2p Resonance: sharing of electrons between properly oriented orbitals Real molecules are hybrids or an average of these limiting structures Resonance structures are only if the electrons move; if nuclei have moved, it is not a resonance structure...
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