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9/29/09 Chapter 21 Introduction to Organic Chemistry Carbon -Has a large number of accessible oxidation states -Valence shell of 2s22p2 4 bonds -hybridized sp3 offers the potential for a wide variety of 3-D shape *Figure 21.1: C-H Bonds in Methane Alkanes: compounds composed only of Carbon and Hydrogen -Hydrocarbons with no double or triple bonds are referred to as being saturated *Figure 21.2: Lewis and Molecular Structure of Ethane *Figure 21.8: Bonding in Ethane Hydrocarbons can also be represented by jagged lines Longest chain is named as a prefix, which notes the number of carbons And a suffix, which describes the root functional group
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Unformatted text preview: *Table 21.1 Number of Carbons Prefix 1 meth 2 eth 3 prop 4 but 5 pent 6 hex 7 hept 8 oct 9 non 10 dec For substituents on the hydrocarbon chain, which are hydrocarbon chain, we add yl to the suffix Always number to provide the lowest substituent *Figure 21.4: Normal Butane and Isobutane *Figure 21.4: a) Molecular Structure of Cyclopentane; b) Overlap of sp3 orbitals Hydrocarbons with one or more multiple bonds are unsaturated Double bonds alkenes Triple bonds Alkynes *Figure 21.7: Bonding in Ethylene *Figure 21.10: Bonding in Acetylene Only staggered conformations are present to an appreciable degree at ambient T...
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