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10/22/09 Chapter 6 Thermodynamic Definition of the Equilibrium Constant: Involves the ratio of the equilibrium pressure or concentration of a substance Activity (A)= Pi/Preference Kp is ALWAYS unitless When the equilibrium constant is expressed in units of moles/L The reference state is 1 M Kp does not equal Kc (in general) Exception: occurs when the sum of the powers in the denominator and numerator are the same Key point: 1)While the equilibrium constant in constant at a given T, the amounts of the individual components
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Unformatted text preview: may vary. Only the ratio is constant!!!!!!!!! 2) The equilibrium constant provides an indication of the position of the equilibrium What is the relationship between Kp and Kc? Convince yourself that Kp=Kc(RT) n Where n = the difference in the # of moles of gaseous products - # moles of gaseous reactants Hetergeneous Equilibrium- involving more than one phase...
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