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11/10/09 Chapter 8 Buffers : using the common ion effect to control pH Buffer solution : solution that resists a change in pH when acids or bases are added Examples : 1) Weak acid and its corresponding conjugate base salt 2) Weak base and its corresponding conjugate acid salt In vivo Buffering Cellular oxidation of glucose/hydrocarbon fuels produces acid continuously Carbonic acid Phosphoric acid Sulfuric acid Lactic acid
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Unformatted text preview: Blood pH 7.39-7.45 Both the lungs and kidneys play vital roles in controlling excess acid CO 2 normally reacts with H 2 O very slowly, achieves equilibrium in several minutes (t 1/2 = ~10 min) Enzyme in blood Carbonic anhydrate Catalyzes the reaction of CO 2 in H 2 O Within 8.1-8.6, the section Solving buffered solutions exactly will not be on the test (possibly 8.3)...
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