Medieval Midterm (Josh)

Medieval Midterm (Josh) - IDs Hastings o Where the battle...

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ID’s Hastings o Where the battle between William of Normandy and Harold Godwinson took place over who would be crowned King of England William won Domesday Book o William ordered an inventory of his Kingdom o The people didn’t like it because they thought that they were going to be taxed for all of their property that was registered Henry II o King following William of Normandy o Laid the foundations of common law o Also wrote the Constitutions of Clarendon (which limited the jurisdiction of church courts) o During his reign, commerce increased and towns grew “Merrie England” Thomas a Becket o Archbishop of Canterbury o Killed after signing and then repudiating the Constitutions of Clarendon because he wanted the church and its workers to have priveleges others didn’t. o He was the one who wore the hair shirt Elanor of Acquitaine o Wife of both Louis VII and Henry II o Owned most of western and southern France Louis VII o Former husband of Elanor and King of France o Divorced her because she didn’t give him any sons and she was unfaithful
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Richard the Lionhearted o King of England after Henry II o Romantic hero o Didn’t like England Only there for coronation and once to raise money o Went on crusade to the Holy Land King John o Very cruel man Went to war with the King of France and lost Meant that the king of England was no longer as focused on French territory o Quarreled with the pope Pope put an interdict on the whole country o Signed the Magna Carta Significant for the English common law and the rights of men Required the consent of the barons before he levied taxes o Group of nobles were determined to deny the king some of his power Magna Carta o Document stating a baron’s feudal rights in relation to their overlords Required the consent of the barons before he (the king) levied taxes Runneymede
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Medieval Midterm (Josh) - IDs Hastings o Where the battle...

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