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Time Allocation Laboratory Joshua Williams Biology 201, 11:00am Lecture December 9, 2009
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Introduction: As stated in an article by Kimberly A. Pollar and Daniel T. Blumstein, time is important because it “is a valuable limited resource for all animals, and its partitioning both is influenced by sociality and may constrain sociality. Time allocation may in fact be an important mechanism through which predation risk, resource needs and other factors influence the evolution of group size” (Pollar and Blumstein). Ethologists use time allocation to study how animals within a species budget their time and in turn what behaviors are most important to the survival of that species. In an experiment performed on 6 adult Crab-eating Macaques, scientists tested to see how different types of environmental stimuli affected the behavior of caged macaques. To test this, the scientists created a playpen area larger than their normal cage in which various items that were not in the macaques’ normal cage were placed. Each monkey was paired up with another and allowed 1 hour in the playpen each day for 12 days. The monkeys also individual holding cages that were larger than the normal cages as well. The scientist recorded the monkeys on video. Normally, caged macaques frequently exhibited behaviors such as self-aggression (i.e. biting itself or self-directed threats). However, in the playpens, the macaques spent a majority of their time foraging and moving around. By creating a time allocation chart of the macaques’ behavior in the playpen, they scientists learned that when introduced to a new environment with
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Time Allocation Laboratory - Time Allocation Laboratory...

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