GCU 325 Unit 6 Notes

GCU 325 Unit 6 Notes - Unit 6 Lecture A Service Sector...

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Unit 6 Lecture A Service Sector Economy- Tershiery= Transportation- Huge array of options The best developed transportation on Earth- Several Options- Car, Train, Air, Water travel. Automobile transportation and traffic- growing in Europe. Lots of different freeways and expressways. Started in Germany in 1930’s. Nazi start Audubon. Strong core periphery pattern- Germany, France, UK. Car driving in Europe is tricky. Lots of congestion in cities. Reduce automobile traffic in cities by imposing taxes. Parking is also a challenge. Audubon= super high speed limits. 2 lane roads are quiet developed Mainland Europe- its simple to get around. You figure out the system and get used to it Gas is very expensive. Sometimes double or triple of what we pay in USA. High taxation is the main reason. Rural Europe and Mountainside= take a car. You can stop and take photos. Rail Travel in Europe- fairly easy to figure out. Rail pass- You can buy in USA. Highly recommend in Europe. Travel in Europe- you don’t need to make a round trip. Multi-destination. Open jaw flights. Two different major types of trains: 1. Intercity Trains (IC), express trains, hi- speed trains- travel between two major cities. Skip a lot of the stations in between. 250 km/hr. 2. REG (Regional Trains)- stop at all stops. Local Trains. Stop Frequently. Buy 2 nd class train because you get there at the same time as 1 st class. Prefer the 2 nd train they have more windows. 1 st class compartments- not as good views. Restricted. Brenner Tunnels= In Alps. Brenner Pass Train- From Italy to Ensbrook. On Austrian-Vienna border. You miss scenery. Certain cities you find one or more stations. Paris- has six different train stations. No tracks in between station. In France if you go from Tour to Dijon. You have to go through Paris. It looks like you can go across but the lines converge where everything is focused on Paris. Paris is major hub. Train travel one of the best places to go if you’re new to Europe Lecture B Air travel in Europe is popular. Train is popular. Train is closer to city when compared to the airport. Europe has adopted a hub system like the USA. Major Airports.
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Busiest Airport in Europe= Heathrow Airport. London is capital of Europe from financial view. Second Busiest Airport- Frankfurt from one report. And another Report says its Charles De Gaul in France. Fourth Busiest Airport- Amsterdam. Interesting that a smaller city would have a major hub. Air traffic is growing because Intra-European flight cost have dropped. Used to be quiet expensive. Hamburg to Milan its easier to fly rather than take Train. Could even be cheaper. High rates in Germany. Eurostar- London to Paris
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GCU 325 Unit 6 Notes - Unit 6 Lecture A Service Sector...

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