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gcu325 Unit 3 outline of notes

gcu325 Unit 3 outline of notes - GCU 325Unit 3 Outline of...

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GCU 325—Unit 3 Outline of Notes (This is only an outline —these are not the notes. By itself, this will not be very helpful on the lecture quiz. You will need to have your own notes). LINGUISTIC GEOGRAPHY –lots of languages I. Indo-European family - europe,india, asia… they all have the same ancestor language… throughout afghanistan, iran etc…almost half the world speaks language in this family. (Germanic, romance, Slavic, etc.) Family-a set of related languages that has a common ancestor language… A. Germanic group – german is 2 nd most spoken language in Europe, germany is most populous country besides Russia, german in Austria, swiss-german, Scandinavian-in Germanic group, English is part of it. Standard german-(high german-bavaria, Austria); (middle german middle, low german-southernish…) in germany and Austria…there are also different dialects within germany itself… Alittle bit of Italy speaks some german, also a tiny part of belgium 1. West Germanic subgroup Some dialects -Luxemborgish(Letzeburgish)small minority speak it in Luxembourg(also spoken there- high german or std French); -Alsatian(in province of Alsas in France along rhine river), ppl also know std. german and French; (alsas-where strausbourg is located) -Swiss German (in Switzerland-most common language in Switzerland) very closely related to std. german, Dutch- also found in northern Belgium-a dutch dialect-Flemish in region known as Flanders but also spills into a bit of france-Dankirk English-cousin language of german, all british isles speak English, but English has borrowed a lot of words from other languages…like from romance(latin influence, greek, etc.) 2. North Germanic subgroup Scandinavian languages- Swedish, Danish, norwgian, and Icelandic; the languages spoken are decended from Viking languages…
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Norwegian, Swedish and Danish-mutually intelligible-some ppl say that its all the same language but different dialects…sometimes for nationalistic reasons… its all different languages…Norwegian and Swedish are pretty much the same Danes and Swedes can understand eachother…. Norwegian and Swedes could carry on a convo… etc DEBATE- difference in dialect->means same language or difference in language B. Romance group-decended from latin(Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian-eastern outlier of romance language, also spoken in moldova) Latin-major language of roman empire… all languages have latin base and root (but also English has latin…30%...but majority is Germanic) Iberia Portuguese-in Portugal over 10mil port. Speakers….most are in brazil area in far northwestern corner of spain…has Portuguese dialect-“GALICIAN/GALLEGAN” Spain-spanish-CASTILLIAN, some dialect differences from one part of spain to another….(north spain-old castillian) Northeastern(where Barcelona is) and baleric islands and Andorra-Catalan-its own language-similar to Spanish…some say its just a dialect of Spanish France-french-standard French- PARISIAN FRENCH; northern vs. southern
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gcu325 Unit 3 outline of notes - GCU 325Unit 3 Outline of...

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