PGS 101 Exam 2 study guide

PGS 101 Exam 2 study guide - PGS 101 Exam 2 Study Guide...

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PGS 101 Exam 2 Study Guide Study tips: If a concept was covered in lecture, always use lecture notes. Only if not, then use book. Remember, material from the Methods lectures is game for any exam throughout the course. Freud - dreaming is wish fulfillment: mostly sexual Cartwright- dreaming is information processing, filing information Hobson & McCarley- dreaming is activation synthesis: synthesizing information Biorhythms & sleep- circadian rhythms; about 24 hours Resetting the biological clock- retina detects light, sends message to the hypothalamus (superchaismic (SCN)), SCN sends message to pineal gland, pineal gland releases melatonin, melatonin adjusts clock. EEG- electroencephalograph; measures brain waves. Sleep cycles- Awake: Beta waves (low v (amplitude), high frequency (distance between two peaks) Drowsy: Alpha waves (?) Stage 1: Theta, few minutes long, fantastic images: falling suddenly (easily wakened) Stage 2: sleep spindles, mixed waves, around 20 minutes (easily wakened) Stage 3 and 4: Delta waves (high v, low freq), around 30 minutes (deep sleep) REM: (low v, high freq) most dreams occur here, waves like awake Beta waves (deep sleep) Three functions of sleep- protective: man's inclination to hide away at night and sleep Restorative: helps restore our natural functions, healing memory Growth: (mostly in children) Sleep disorders- insomnia : persisting problem falling or staying asleep. Common treatment by people includes pills, alcohol; these common treatments actually aggravate it. How to fix: do something relaxing with dim light, avoid caffeine, regular schedule (avoid naps), exercise, don't overreact, very last resort: aim for less sleep. narcolepsy : falling asleep randomly for 5 minutes sleep apnea: periodic stoppage of breathing, then HUGE snort/gasp Features of dreams- stories starring yourself, day residue: something happened during the day, mostly mundane: you only remember the exciting ones. Three theories of dreaming-
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PGS 101 Exam 2 study guide - PGS 101 Exam 2 Study Guide...

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