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Part 3 - Early 1965

Part 3 - Early 1965 - – rhythm guitar tambourine lead...

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Early ’65 Song – “If You’ve Got Trouble” Ringo marries Marie “8 Arms to Hold You” later entitled “Help” Recorded Feb 18, 1965 George guitar solo not so great Lennon & McCartney wrote it John - guitar Paul bass George guitar Ringo drums, lead vocal Guitar solo in blues form Song didn’t make it into the movie Help Moving away from public performance Song “Ticket To Ride” Became a single Best new artist at Grammy Awards John wrote it #1 single 5 weeks at #1 in US A-side of single Paul has guitar solo John
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Unformatted text preview: – rhythm, guitar, tambourine, lead vocal Paul – guitar solo, bass, lead guitar George – lead guitar Ringo – drums Paul teaches Ringo the way drums should be played Duet style vocals Song – “Yes It Is” B-side of album US – did not become a top 40 hit Paul – bass, back up vocal John – acoustic guitar, lead vocal George – acoustic guitar, back up vocal Ringo – drums George improves his guitar sound Song took 5 hours to record Block harmonies for the verse George Martin remixed song from various sources...
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