Part 7- Revolver

Part 7- Revolver - Johns song Guitar backwards George lead...

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Section 2: Part 7 Revolver Late 1966 - World Tour Revolver album released Beatles couldn’t go to the Phillipines and they said they snubbed them They toured in japan August 5 1966 US version is a little different they change the order of the songs They made the beatles into line drawings from newspaper cut outs No songs from revolver were played on there last tour Taxman Georges song Paul bass backup vocal guitar solo Ringo drums John tamberine backup vocal George lead guitar lead vocal double tracking it Edward heath and Wilson Giving away a lot of money in taxes Rappid backup vocal harmony Eleanor Rigby Paul wrote 80% john a bit Speaks about miss daisy Hawkins They changed the name She never made it with anyone John said he came up with it but tha t wasn’t true George martin added a double sting cortet George harmony John harmony Paul lead vocal double tracking No instruments played by the beatles No ringo I’m Only Sleeping
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Unformatted text preview: Johns song Guitar backwards George lead guitar backup vocal Ringo drums John lead vocal acustic guitar Paul bass backup vocal Backround harmonys throughout For No One Pauls song ballad Supposedly about jane ashter French horns added allen sival Paul bass piano vocal harpsicord ringo drums tamberine george and john not on it She Said She Said John wrote it After an acid trip Peter fonda and he said he knows what its like to be dead Paul bass John acustic guitar vocal over dubing harmony George lead guitar Ringo drums Best blend of acustic and electric guitar Three stages of life brith life death Here, There, Everywhere Dr. Robert johns dentist slipped LSD into there tea Ballad inspired by the beach boys Paul wrote it Paul acustic lead vocal John backup vocal George backup vocal lead guitar Ringo drums Johns favorite song Real first love song on this album There is a low harmony that slides downward...
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Part 7- Revolver - Johns song Guitar backwards George lead...

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