Beatles Unit 1

Beatles Unit 1 - The Beatles Intro John Lennon Oct 9 1940...

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The Beatles Intro John Lennon Oct 9 1940 Catilist of beatles Born in Liverpool Freddy merchant seaman no relationship with father, meeting later didn’t go well Song “That’s my life” Close with mother Julia Quarymen first group in school She put John in the hands of his aunt Mimi He was rebellious and leader as a youth Big fan of Elvis, like Skiffle, folk jass and blues He wanted to learn guitar by himself He played with a bus driver who played harmonica Pete Schockmen friend He was a class clown didn ’t excel in school He was at Liverpool college of art did cartoons Paul met at a grammar school Ivane Von invited Paul to watch John perform They played with eachother Paul and John excelled Paul McCartney June 18 1942 born Real musician in the band he can play any instrument if given the time to learn it James Paul McCarty originally born Paul learned to play piano by ear Jim Mac Jazz Band was his fathers band Played in the queen of sheba Paul started on the trumpet he trades it in for a guitar and he liked to sing He would hike and live outside on the outskets of Liverpool Paul was a good student he composed and studied well. He first attempted to form a band with his brother Michael. Michael breaks his arm and decides to move on He had to adjust his guitar because he was lefty They would write songs together with connecting bridges and verses. I lost my Little Girl- first song he wrote about his mother passing Black American music is what influenced them They were the perfect balance of personalities They united because they both lost their mothers
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7/6/1957 Lennon and McCartney meet: July 6 1957 Quiarmen getting ready for that summer party John wanted him in the group cuz he didn’t want paul to have a rival group Quiarmen was a skiffle band Paul goes to summer camp John Lowe paino Kieth Shotten Drummer George Harrison born feb 24 1943 died nov 29 2001 George was the spiritual one quiet one Only one grew up with both natural parents He was one of the best known guitarists in music history They practiced in his house He practiced a lot he was 3 years behind john Georges dad drove the bus to school that’s how they met First band called the rebels Four Phases Career Quarymen 3 players all play on guitar Phase 1 1958-1963 Formative years John and paul would write dozens of songs They never learned to write music in traditional 1963 Beatlemania was formed and they kicked off Established in Britain Phase 2 1964-1965 Come to US have world tour Have two films Phase 3 1966-1968 move away from live touring Use studio to make albums Bob Dylan introduced them to weed and they became psychedelic Find there sole mates and they head into different directions Growth detail and humor Growth development in albums Detail intruments and detail Humor- made a band to meet girls they had fun Three things to look at 50 songs in the top 40 mostly 1 or 2 27 albums in the top 100 12 official albums 15 albums at number 1 on the charts
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Beatles Unit 1 - The Beatles Intro John Lennon Oct 9 1940...

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