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Beatles Unit 4 - MUS 354 Beatles Unit 4 Early 1968-studied...

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MUS 354 Beatles Unit 4 Early 1968 - -studied meditation in India. Ringo gets bored quickly and returns to London. Yellow Submarine Album - - started in Aug 66’ with the title single, but was put away for a while -July 68 Yellow Submarine film released -only had 4 new Beatles songs “Yellow Submarine” - -release Aug 66, B side of Eleanor Rigby -Paul wrote most of it, but Jon helped with sound effects -bubbles blown into tanks, chains rattling -Ringo on drums and lead vocal, Paul acoustic guitar, Jon Acoustic guitar, George tambourine -Session musical cast which is a brass band -John and Paul are the submarine crew in the middle of the song - Drug connotations as “Little Yellow Pill”, but was meant to be kids song “Only a Northern Song” - -Composed by George, kind of made to be a bad song -a joke related to Liverpool -bitter comments on the Beatles music publisher -Recorded Feb 67 - Paul on bass and discordant instruments that aren’t listed, John on piano and discordant instruments, George on lead vocals and organ “Hey Bulldog” - -completed in less than one day -originally titled hey bullfrog -First session where Yoko Ono attended with Jon -Paul on bass doing harmony, Jon piano and lead guitar and takes the solo and lead vocal, George share lead guitar and tambourine -Song has surreal lyrics and is played for laughs Late 1968- -June, Paul meets Lisa Eastman, his future wife -Yellow submarine premiers -Aug, Ringo quits the band for a few days but it goes unpublicized
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“Hey Jude” - -The Beatles most successful song -First performed on the David Frost show -remains on the charts for 13 weeks -written by Paul entirely, and he was never sure if it was good enough -Paul on bass piano and lead vocal, John acoustic guitar, George lead guitar, Ringo drums and tambourine, and a 40 piece orchestra -7 minutes and 11 seconds long -message of the song is faith in other people “Revolution” - -has 2 versions, fast and slow -John wrote it while in India -Paul is on bass and doing organ, John on lead vocals and lead guitar, George lead guitar, and in come Mickey Hopkins on piano -dirty sounding guitar distortion -honest statement about social change, and showed the Beatles stance -message of the song was faith in people not systems The White Album “The Beatles” - -only double album -First time the Beatles worked separately on each track -Best selling double album of all time until Saturday night fever -Eric Clapton and other guest artist -George Martin went on vacation through these sessions -Paul would often dub in drum tracks and replace Ringo’s -Package is colorless with each album numbered, with photos and collogues -Many songs written in India, 31 songs on the album total “Back in the USSR” - -Paul wrote it as kind of a Beach Boys parody -Aug 68, and Ringo is missing on the recording -Paul is on lead guitar, piano, drums, lead and back up vocal -John and George listed as bass -Jet engine noise overdubbed “Ob -La-Di Ob-La- Da” - -John Lennon hated this song
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Beatles Unit 4 - MUS 354 Beatles Unit 4 Early 1968-studied...

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