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Powell1 Candice Powell Professor James Ross U.S. History 2312 19 September 2011 Poverty and Progress in Industrial America The era of America Industrialization was called the Gilded Age. During this time the rich lived lavishly, while the poor and middle class worked as laborers and risked their lives daily. They worked long hours for little pay. There were advantages during the American Industrialization, such as improved technology and education. But the disadvantages of that was child labor. With technology improving, factories needed more workers and they didn’t want to pay them a lot of money. So they could hire children for cheap labor. Plus children wouldn’t say anything about the long hours or conditions because they were young and uneducated. The photograph in document 7 shows young boys and probably some girls with their supervisor at work. There were so age restrictions back in the 19 th century, so some were as young as 8 or 9. They didn’t have a say in being there, because more than
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Powell_AmericanIndustrialization_1 - Powell1 Candice Powell...

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