Nomenclature - tables and videos-solutions

Nomenclature - tables and videos-solutions - nanni (arn437)...

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Unformatted text preview: nanni (arn437) Nomenclature - tables and videos CNS (87654) 1 This print-out should have 5 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page find all choices before answering. 001 10.0 points Choose the pair of names and formulas that do NOT match. 1. NO : nitrogen monoxide 2. SO 3 : sulfur trioxide 3. Cl 2 O 7 : dichlorine heptoxide 4. As 4 O 6 : tetraarsenic oxide correct 5. N 2 O 5 : dinitrogen pentoxide Explanation: Cl 2 O 7 , N 2 O 5 , SO 3 , and NO are all covalent molecules and are named correctly using the appropriate prefixes. As 4 O 6 is also a covalent compound; appro- priate prefixes are used in the name. It should be correctly named tetraarsenic hexoxide to indicate the presence of six oxygen atoms in each molecule. 002 10.0 points Name the ionic compound SnF 2 . 1. tin(I) fluorate 2. selenium(II) fluorate 3. tin(II) fluoride correct 4. scandium(II) fluorate 5. tin(II) difluoride 6. selenium(II) fluoride 7. tin(II) fluorate Explanation:...
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Nomenclature - tables and videos-solutions - nanni (arn437)...

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