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ad paper english 101 - Meredith Thomas Cigarettes for Men...

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Meredith Thomas Cigarettes for Men and Women Tobacco companies always try new and innovative ways to attract customers. The traditional Marlboro Man is used by the Marlboro tobacco company to make men feel like they must smoke these cigarettes to be tough. A new cigarette brand, Camel No. 9’s, is made for the sole purpose of attracting women. The color and advertising strategies used to sell these cigarettes are to make women feel they are unordinary and fashionable. The Marlboro and Camel No. 9’s ad both use different strategies to draw different genders. With just a tiny glance at the cowboy, everyone knows this is an ad for Marlboro. The Marlboro Man has been around for years to try and steer young men into smoking this brand of cigarettes. The handsome model with his smoldering eyes is a symbol for many things: Marlboro cigarettes, a tough cowboy, and an American tradition. In the advertisement, the Marlboro cowboy appears to be on a horse with the reigns in his hands. He is lighting his cigarette and glances at the camera. His eyes draw you into the picture although one eye is partially shaded by his white cowboy hat. It seems as if he is taking a break from his hard work to smoke the Marlboro cigarette. The advertisers want men to think that Marlboros are for hard working,
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ad paper english 101 - Meredith Thomas Cigarettes for Men...

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