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balmer series lab - Meredith Thomas, Louis Roselli, and...

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Meredith Thomas, Louis Roselli, and Martin Sims Cycle 3 – The Balmer Series Physics 212 Lab, Wednesday 1:30 November 3, 2010 Abstract: The objectives of this experiment are to use a spectrometer with diffraction grating to study the emission of light from a Mercury discharge tube, hydrogen discharge tube, and an incandescent lamp. We will also learn the empirical formulas to characterize the pattern of spectral lines from hydrogen, and measure the wavelengths of the Balmer series of visible emission lines from hydrogen. Finally we will learn to analyze the wavelength data to determine the Rydberg constant using the Bohr model formulation. Introduction/Background: Hydrogen atoms in a discharge lamp emit a series of lines in the visible part of the spectrum. This series is called the Balmer Series after the Swiss teacher Johann Balmer (1825-1898) who, in 1885, found by trial and error a formula to describe the wavelengths of these lines. This formula is given by where n are integers, 3, 4, 5, … up to infinity and R is a constant now called the Rydberg constant. In the SI system of units, R=1.097 x 10 7 m -1 . Balmer suggested that his formula may be more general and could describe spectra from other elements. Then in 1889, Johannes Robert Rydberg found several series of spectra that would fit a more The Hydrogen Balmer Series
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general relationship, similar to Balmer’s empirical formula. This general relationship is known as
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balmer series lab - Meredith Thomas, Louis Roselli, and...

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